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XFilesharing Pro script

Run your own file upload site like Rapidshare or Oron with XFileSharing Pro script
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30 June 2015

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This tool lets you set up a files-sharing functionality in your site easily.

XFileSharing Pro is SibSoft`s a script package that lets you set up an advanced, professional file sharing script. This can be installed on virtual, shared, or dedicated Linux hosting environments. This package is easily customizable so that it can be integrated into an already existing site you have. There is no need for you to have any technical skills, just get the code package installed, get the customization done and that is it. You can use the provisions available in the code kit to implement any advertising you want. Adsense and other banners could be implemented. This system can help upload multiple files simultaneously. A visual representation of files that have been loaded, as well as what is currently uploading are available. End users are able to send links of the files to people they want to share it with. Access is authenticated by passwords.

Large files can be easily shared. The size of individual files is limited to 2 GB. In case of an interruption during transfer of a file, the tool will automatically resume the transfer at the right location without losing any data at all. Accurate status information about how much has been transferred and how much is yet to be transferred are indicated. With our product, you always know the status of your uploads activities. You get exact figures on how many kilobytes are left, an estimated finish time, current upload speeds, and much more. Paypal is integrated for processing of premier membership dues. This is a very good tool.

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XFileSharing Pro is an advanced file sharing script. It can be installed on any virtual/shared or dedicated Linux hosting. You can customize look and feel of your site with basic knowledge of HTML and place banners, adsense or other type advertisement on its pages. You can quickly monetize your service selling premium accounts.
With XFileSharing's upload system you can upload multiple files simultaneously. You get a visual representation of files that have been loaded, as well as what is currently uploading. Password authentication allows your users to protect all of their sensitive upload data. Users can send links to recently uploaded files to their friends or themselves.
XfileSharing (both versions) was tested on really big files (up to 2GB each) and it will not drop upload connection when you're in the middle of your file. And it will not let your server(s) be down during running download processes, since we used a dynamic symlink generation mechanism for each downloadable file.
You will be able to set up premium membership levels for your users and charge them monthly for premium access to uploaded content.
For popular websites with heavy file transfer traffic, you can add as many additional servers as you need. Additional file servers can be located on different host networks - they can even be in different countries. XFileSharing Pro will aggregate the power of all your servers for ultra-quick file transfers for uploads and downloads.
The latest version of Xfilesharing Pro includes Desktop Uploader which lets your users upload files without even opening their browser! When using desktop Uploader, your users will be able to load really big files (tested up to 20GB!).
With Remote Upload Feature, you or your users will be able to upload any file located on a remote host (for example, Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, etc) to your system by just copy-pasting a link.
XFilesharing Pro script
XFilesharing Pro script
Version 2.3
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